Post-mortem sperm retrieval (PMSR)

The goal of the PMSR Network is to facilitate the immediate retrieval of sperm and safe transport to our office for cryopreservation. The optimal time retrieval is within 1-3 days of death. The quick turnaround, coupled with the emotions already being experienced can make this timeframe overwhelming. PMSR Network is can efficiently help with getting each step performed in a timely manner to assist in preserving your dream of children with your late spouse.


Things to Know

What is a PMSR? – This article was a recent press release by our sister company, Male Fertility and Sexual Medicine Specialists, trying to bring more awareness to the PMSR procedure.

What Happens AFTER the Retrieval? – Find out what happens once the testicular tissue is received at our clinic, about the grieving period, and how to use the sperm later.

Infectious Diseases to Have Performed – infectious disease testing can be important for using the sperm later on. While some facilities may not require the testing be performed, having the testing done makes it much easier to use the sperm.

Psychological Counseling Services in San Diego – We recommend counseling or therapy to all that are mourning.


Spread Awareness

The PMSR procedure is a simple medical procedure where sperm-rich tissue is extracted from a deceased individual and frozen for use at a later date. This simple procedure affords the surviving partner hope in a time when all else seems hopeless.

PMSR Network aims to spread more awareness to this practice with the intention of helping more families. PMSR Network is working on discussing and bringing light to this topic more within the medical community, funeral homes, organ donation services, clergy, and morgues. If just one of these people is able to let a family know that this option exists, that is one more dream preserved.

That said, our company can only reach so many people. To better serve, it is incredibly helpful for you to discuss these topics with your friends and family, both for your benefit and for others. Regardless, you should definitely discuss your preferences with your partner and family.