PMSR Network is one of several companies founded by Martin Bastuba, MD. The common theme across his companies is to help people expand their families and protect fertility options. Infertility affects roughly 10% of the population, but few talk about it. Dr. Bastuba’s companies work together to help patients on many levels inside the same office.

About Dr. Martin Bastuba

Dr. Bastuba is a certified Urologist that specializes in male fertility. He is part of an elite group (2%) of board certified urologists in the U.S. who have fellowship training in the specialized treatments and procedures related to male fertility. He has also completed advanced training in male sexual dysfunction, making him an exceptionally qualified male fertility doctor and allowing him to offer specialized medical services for male reproductive health.

Dr. Bastuba was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended college and medical school at Wayne State University in his hometown and then completed his general urology training at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Bastuba was the first resident physician ever accepted into the Boston University School of Medicine’s prestigious combined fellowship program for male fertility and sexual dysfunction. After graduating, he brought his specialized training as a male fertility physician to Southern California and opened his practice in 1993.

Dr. Bastuba is board certified by the American Board of Urology. He has earned numerous academic achievement awards, is a frequent guest lecturer, attends many conferences, and currently teaches at the School of Medicine as a clinical instructor for urology. Dr. Bastuba has published and participated in a number of research studies in the area of male fertility, and he enjoys serving as a consulting medical expert for local and national television.

Dr. Bastuba maintains professional memberships in the American Medical Association, American Urological Association, California Medical Association, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Association of Peyronies Advocates, the Oncofertility Consortium of Northwestern Medicine, and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society. He has served as president of both the San Diego Reproductive Endocrine Society and the San Diego Urologic Society. He is also actively involved in giving back to the community through the Angels Foster Family Network, Fertile Hope, Volunteers of America: San Diego, and other local non-profit organizations in Southern California.

Mission Statement

Working with ethicists, lawyers, physicians, clergy, and laboratory technicians, the PMSR network helps each family cope with closure and the possibility of some good coming from a bad situation at a very challenging time.   The hope and relief of preserving the dream of a family with a loved-one following an unexpected death has the potential to provide life changing comfort.

Most importantly the PMSR Network has been designed to help loved ones maintain their dream of children with their late partner. PMSR Network also plans on spreading more awareness to this availability practice by educating and training as many relevant professions that will come into contact with the loved ones within the first few hours to days after the incident of death.

Sister Companies

Each sister company supports PMSR Network by providing a specialized service throughout the process of the sperm retrieval, processing, and long-term storage.

Fertility Center of California – the fertility center offers basic female fertility services (female work-up and diagnostics, artificial insemination), sperm testing and processing (semen analysis, sperm washing, sperm cryopreservation), and has a donor sperm bank (anonymous, open, and directed donors).

Family Fertility Cryobank – a long-term storage bank that houses and maintains sperm, testicular tissue, ovarian tissue, oocytes, and embryos.

Male Fertility and Sexual Medicine Specialists – Dr. Bastuba’s urology and male fertility practice that treats infertility, sexual dysfunction, and provides surgical treatment for fertility as well.